Wall Dual Groove

Innovative slat-wall strip 'Dual Groove' - even faster installation and greater use

Wall Dual Groove     Wall Dual Groove

Strips 'Dual Groove' 152mm x 1145mm are designed to make the most of any wall space. Made from high quality PVC compound, resistant to moisture, light weight, waterproof, fire-resistant, UV protected and unbelievably strong.

Due to smaller size and multiple linear mount you can effectively manage any part of the wall in the garage, under the stairs, the laundry room or basement. Strips can be mounted to drywall, steel profile, wooden batten or masonry walls. Robust dual channels are built to withstand the extreme heat, cold, and humidity of the tough garage environment.

Have you ever had to mount wooden boards to hang tools and keys? You can do it quicker and better on any budget. Our wall systems are equipped with specially designed channels, so that the hooks, baskets and shelves provide you the ultimate flexible storage on the wall. At any time you can change the layout and move the tools to suit your space needs.

They can be easily cut to size to avoid obstacles such as windows or doors. Use the potential of the 'Dual Groove' and organize your garage, storage and utility room.

Each pack contains 4 panels that are shipped with screws for mounting. Panels can be completed with corners, which are easily mounted on the edges of the panel giving a professional finish.

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