Storage Organisation Systems

Panele Ścienne

Wall Mounted Panels

Slatwall panels designs with distinguished style to create a truly exceptional system. PVC slatwall was designed with storage in mind to organise your garage, workshop, showroom or storeroom. Used as a complete wall or as a complement to your existing storage, easily adapts to your storage needs.

Listwa Dual Groove

Wall Dual Groove

Strips 'Dual Groove' 152mm x 1145mm are designed to make the most of any wall space. Made from high quality PVC compound, resistant to moisture, light weight, waterproof, fire-resistant, UV protected and unbelievably strong.

Akcesoria Ścienne

Wall Accessories

Accessories and fittings highly versatile and usable in most situations, from garages and workshops to stores with massive displays. It’s also designed to be very easy to fit, so can be installed by just about anyone, making its appeal even broader.  Whether it’s being fitted into a small home workshop or a massive department store, this product is flexible enough to use in any situation and under almost any budget.

Listwy Wykończeniowe

Wall Panels Edging

Strips are placed in-between, in corners or on the edges of panels during installation for a finished transition between panels.


Podłogi Modułowe R50

R50 Interlocking Tiles


Podłogi PVC Fortelock

Podłogi PVC Fortelock



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