Every man needs a den.

How many of us have a garden shed outside, a cosy loft room inside or a storage unit we've converted into our man cave? If we don't, it's about the time we changed this.  Whether you need tools solely for making household repairs, you are a handyman, or simply have lots of spare time after your retirement. A well-organized workshop is essential. Now, you can take up on the projects you always wanted to do.

GarageFactor offers numerous specialized solutions and accessories designed for use in any workshop. From roomy and functional cabinets for tools, containers for screws, bolts and nails to solid wooden benches on which you tackle all of your projects. Thanks to the wide variety of hooks, baskets and shelves you will be able to organize your workspace so that everything is at hand and has no right to lose or mislay. Your valuable power tools, protected from moisture will be securely hung in its place on the wall, and kept on the shelves. Fluids, paints and lubricants will be secured against accidental leak.

GarageFactor accessories are invaluable in every men’s cave.

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