Garage is an asylum for every automotive enthusiast. Not only must provide good conditions for the storage of a beloved car, but also it should allow the owner to care and maintain its treasure with the respect it deserves. Be proud of your garage as much as of your car.

With products supplied by GarageFactor you can give your garage a professional look that will excite envy among your friends! Modular flooring tiles and modern functional storage solutions will make your garage worthy setting for your precious car and turn into the space where you work with pure pleasure.Using the solutions and accessories offered by GarageFactor you will be able to better organize your garage space. Slat-Wall panels and “easy-fit” flooring tiles add to your garage a stylish and modern look, making your “car room” spacious and functional.

Take an advantage of the advice in "Planning Tips” which will help you better organize the space in your garage.You can build a dream garage on any budget.

Reshape your garage today!

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