“Home, sweet home.” There is always something to do.

Whether you need to drill a few holes in the walls to hang a new painting, wash the floor with a mop or vacuum a carpet. All these activities require necessary tools. Where to keep them all?

You know straight away, that well organised home need some storage ideas for all the gears you already possess plus all of new utensils a home requires. Sometimes it is difficult to find room for them, so that you have them always at hand and they don’t take up a free space.  GarageFactor provides numerous ways in which you can efficiently and simultaneously develop the aesthetic space in your home.

Slat wall storage systems are ideal easy to fit if you need to add more storage in the future. Suitable hooks and handles can be useful in the kitchen utility room, hallway or in the attic. Different sizes and shapes of “slat in” shelves and baskets can be effectively used to organize home pantry, boiler room, utility room or the surrounding area of the fireplace. You can be rest assured that your tools and home belongings are safe and clean.

The possibilities are endless.

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