Every sports enthusiast knows how important is to use appropriate sports equipment.

Whether you are an amateur or pro, those things always cost money. A favourite mountain bike, city bike, snowboard, often many pairs of skis, or even a windsurfing board. Added to this are protectors, helmets, sticks and many other things. And what if the family will have another sport amateur? The garage is the perfect place to organize everything from the inner tubes to the bike pumps.

Extend the lifespan of your equipment, find it when you need it and store in the most effective way when the season is over. Scratches, dents and rust are damaging your valued sports equipment which does not tolerate moisture and is prone to scratches. When it is held in an inappropriate manner in unsuitable cellars, or in a corner of our already cluttered garage thus, can quickly become useless. GarageFactor offers numerous effective solutions to the appropriate storage of sports equipment in your home, garage, and attic or even in the basement.

There are racks specifically made for bikes. These racks will allow you to hang your bikes close to the wall to save space. There are also racks for skis and snowboards and roller blades and skateboards. There are even racks for their accessories like helmets and protection pads.
There are racks for your balls so they do not roll anywhere. There are also racks for your cricket bats, billiard cue sticks and tennis rackets.
Kits are available for practically every kind of sport - cycling, skiing, tennis. Properly matching wall shelves, hooks and brackets, you can safely store everything from ping-pong balls to the canoes.

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