About Us

GarageFactor’s vision was built on a strong passion for cars. Everyone who has ever had a car knows how difficult is to get around it in a garage. Very often there is not enough room to open the car door, lack of working space and it gets difficult to find a spanner.

With this in mind we believe we can help you create a welcoming and inviting garage where you could spend more time, working on your car and on other projects that you don’t want to bring into the house.

A few facts about garages:

  •     53% of households in the UK have access to a garage.
  •     Only 24% of those who have access to a garage actually use them to park their cars in overnight.
  •     Garages are used for storage in more instances than they are used for parking the car.
  •     40% of people who own a garage park in their driveway.
  •     The garage door has superseded the traditional house entrance doors as the most commonly used point of entry - 58% now enter their home through the garage.

We are proud to be able to provide a full range of innovative garage storage solutions ranging from slat-wall storage panels to modular flooring. With the addition of some of the accessories like cabinets and shelving you can also tackle your basement, utility room, workshop or hobby and sport home place.

For years, we have successfully cooperated with manufacturers who supply us with the latest accessories of the highest quality. We continually pursue technical innovations and enhance service levels moving forward to become one of the leading enterprises in this industry. By choosing our products you can count on durable, functional, environmentally friendly products made to the highest European standards.

We welcome you to GarageFactor and look forward to turning your garage into a clutter free zone.

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